Online economics

KEY WORD: Online jobs
META DESCRIPTION: Online jobs are beginning to dominate today’s labour market. This article seeks to give a picture of effects of online jobs on a country’s economy.
The effects of online jobs on the economy
Positive effects
Innovation: Individuals get the chance to be innovative when working online. This is because they are given space to do what suits them best. This leads to thinking outside the box and coming up with ideas to deal with different situations. Innovation leads to growth of an economy due to availability of a pool of ideas to deal with different economic problems.
Reduced unemployment rates: Online jobs have created employment opportunities for individuals and this has greatly influenced the reduction of the unemployed individuals. With this the poverty rate has also reduced.
Increased revenue to the government. This has occurred due to an increase in the purchasing power of citizens. Increased purchasing power leads to a higher demand and supply of products on the market which leads to increased revenue. This greatly boosts the economy.
Increased economic development. With a boost in revenue, the government will be able to fund its social economic projects in health, security and education. This will ensure economic development is smooth.
Reduced “crowding” on the labour market. Over the last couple of years there has been a lot of crowding on the labour market where skills are available but there is limited demand. Online jobs have ensured this crowding is reduced by having some of the skills utilized and this has greatly influenced the reduction of crowding on the labour market.
Lower benefits spending. Online jobs have created employment opportunities for citizens and this has reduced the government’s expenditure on benefits. This ensures that the savings are used to undertake other important functions.
Increased G.D.P. Online jobs ensure an increase in the Gross Domestic Product of a country and this signifies economic growth.
Reduced social problems. Creating employment opportunities has reduced the idleness in youth and this has had a great influence on the reduction of social problems like drug abuse and robbery.
Negative effects.
Increased demand and pressure on the labour market. Some skills have been utilized by online employers and this has created a lot of pressure and competition on the labour market to be able to aquire the skills since supply of this skills has reduced.
Increased purchasing power has its own negative effects like increased inflation rates. Increased inflation rates reduces the value of currency in a country.
Reduced number of individuals with technical skills. Online jobs have led to a rush to aquire knowledge in communication technology and networking living behind technical skills like plumbing, welding and even basic engineering.

Online jobs

KEYWORD: Online jobs
META DESCRIPTION: Online jobs have become popular thanks to the advancement of communication technology and networking. This article seeks to unearth the advantages and disadvantages one may encounter when involved in an online working fair.
An online job also known as electronic job is an online version of a traditional job where employers and job seekers meet and discuss employment opportunities by way of specialised websites.Online jobs are live, fully interactive and held at specific times.
There is no pressure
One of the biggest advantages of working online is that there is no work pressure. Compared to office work, online jobs are less stressful, and no one will be following or supervising you all the time.

It offers Flexibility
In respect to time, online jobs offer huge flexibility. You have the power to schedule your working hours. You will not be tied in an office from 9-6 even when you have already finished the day’s duty. Such gives you a chance to work on other personal obligations as well.

In online jobs you become your Own boss
Working without someone over you is a fantasy to many people. With online jobs, you will be your boss.You will not be shouted at from time to time nor will anyone scold you even for the smallest mistakes.

You can work for different clients
With online jobs, you will be able to work for different clients. This means more work and gives you the opportunity to choose the one with the best rates. The more clients you have, the better you will be earning. Some online workers earn more than office workers.

You can try different jobs
Another reason why people are opting for online jobs is that they can experiment on different jobs. For example, if you feel that whatever you have been doing is becoming monotonous, you can switch to another job.
Computer Glitches That Cause Work To Be Lost
When you’re applying for jobs online, it’s always good to save your work because one disadvantage of online applications is that if a computer glitch happens, all of your work could be lost.
Complacency in Networking
When you become too dependent on online job applications, you miss out on good opportunities to network with others regarding the job search.

Lack of Personal Interaction
When you visit a job fair, meet with your career counselor or prospective employers, you get the one-on-one interaction that is necessary for job networking. When you apply for jobs online, you don’t get the same personal interaction.

Scams and fraudsters
Some online job applications are scams that claim you can work from home or that you don’t need much work experience to apply. Other job sites will claim that for a small fee they can help you find the right job. If you find claims like these on job sites, don’t apply.